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Topographical surveys

Topographical surveys

Providing our clients with an accurate and detailed representation of their site layout including all physical hard and soft features above the ground. This can include, but is not limited to roads, street furniture, buildings, tree locations and boundary demarcations such as fences and walls.
For us, no survey is too big or too small. We have experience of large-scale land surveys for major infrastructure projects and housebuilding developments. We can also provide survey data for smaller projects such as garden adaptations and extensions.
We use the latest equipment and technology to deliver a survey which meets your specific project requirements. Data from our topographical surveys can also be used to aid flood risk assessments and understand potential drainage issues.

All our topographical surveys are issued in 2D and 3D formats as standard with our client feedback highlighting that the level of detail we provide goes above and beyond expectation. Topographical surveys shouldn’t just be considered as stand-alone projects. They are often the foundation for underground and utility surveys, as well as being used in conjunction with the start of the construction phase of the project or with measured building surveys.

At 3D GeoSurvey we offer a start to finish solution and can deliver support with a range of other services including as-built surveys and site engineering schemes.

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